Kangaloola battery charges up

A great result for the Yack locals caring for wildlife at the Kangaloola
Wildlife Shelter. The shelter cares for orphaned, injured and abandoned wildlife. Located in the bush outside Yackandandah, it has no mains power and previously used a diesel generator for electricity, and LPG and a wood fire for their hot water. This meant a noisy and expensive energy supply.

Having installed solar and batteries, they have now ditched the
previously constant hum (drum) of a generator. Surely a better healing environment for the animals!!

We will do some sums after a year to capture the real life savings!

Rural Councils of Victoria ‘Innovation Award’ for energy saving

Bit of excitement this week for TRY and the Yack community! We have been lucky enough to receive the Rural Councils of Victoria ‘Innovation Award’ for energy saving. Thanks to the organising committee, especially as the award came with a small cash contribution…

Check out this article about it on the SolarQuotes website.

Pictured here is Indigo Shire Mayor, Cr. Jenny O’Connor accepting the
award on our behalf in Lakes Entrance.


Thanks Jenny and to all those involved!

A good song reminds us what we are fighting for!

Musician and former Goanna frontman Shane Howard has released a new song about the inspiring work being done by Totally Renewable Yackandandah. The song reminds us of the power of community and how it is possible to build a better future.

All proceeds from the song go toward a fund helping Yackandandah to reach 100% renewable energy. Read this short article on Shane Howard’s website for the story behind the song:

Have a listen, download the song today, and help empower local community to make a difference.

“TRY is an anthem for optimism, determination and hope.”

TRY Golden Yak Award

Chris Horton and Karen Dodds received their Golden Yak, in the dark, in front of a packed audience at Earth Hour, during the Yackandandah Folk Festival. Chris and Karen were recognised as being Solar Super Champions. 

Theirs was a Festival romance – they met at Yack Folk Festival by chance and the following year they married on the Friday of the Festival in 2009. They then built a house together and went off Grid.  They’ve been living happily off grid for 8 years.

What a powerful inspiration!

The Yackandandah Mini Grid Future

On the 9th of February 2017 Totally Renewable Yackandandah (TRY) invited AusNet Services to talk about a shared goal to develop one of Australia’s first commercially operated mini grids in Yackandandah.

A mini grid is an energy system in which a group of households are equipped with an individual energy generation (solar panels) and storage capability (battery). As a mini grid this group can function as a unified energy community through the use of technology such as wireless communications, cloud-based software platforms and home energy management systems.

For TRY Co-chair Matt Grogan the launch was the culmination of three years of planning and hard work. “We started TRY in 2014 and have been working hard to develop a plan for Yackandandah that the whole community can be a part of.  It’s exciting to be able to show off the very latest in renewable energy technology right here in Yackandandah,” he said.

Neighbourhood trial this year
Some Yackandandah residents will not have to wait that long to be part of the mini-grid future.  A complete solar and battery mini grid solution is being offered to one Yackandandah neighbourhood this year. Mondo™ Power’s, Mark Judd, said “If the residents accept our offer, this will be a chance to start building the renewable energy future and show the town and the greater community the benefits of a mini grid solution.”  He went on to say that Mondo™ Power will contribute towards the battery costs to support the realisation of the mini grid in Yackandandah. “We’re committed to building this mini grid in Yackandandah,” he said.

Ubi optimises renewable consumption
Mr Judd also highlighted that householders in Yackandandah will have an opportunity to purchase a battery-ready solar and Mondo™ Ubi™ solution.  Mondo™ Ubi™ will send the owner helpful hints regarding their energy usage and send alerts when it is time to consider the installation of a battery.

TRY volunteer Ben McGowan said that with the batteries in place it would be possible for households to optimise their renewable energy consumption using the battery and to effectively share electricity with one another: “This is one of the really exciting things about the mini grid. Yackandandah could end up with its very own shared electricity economy!” “Additionally, TRY has secured 50 Mondo™ Ubi™’s to offer to households with existing solar panels, giving them the chance to upgrade their system free of charge” he said.

Whole community opportunity
For TRY Co-Chair Matt Grogan the mini grid future offers the best chance of reaching TRY’s 100% renewable energy target for the town of Yackandandah. “Participating in this opportunity is going to increase the total amount of solar electricity the town is able to generate,” he said. “The addition of batteries means that we’ll be able to store our solar energy and the mini grid means that we’ll be able to share it. It will be a whole community effort,” he said.

TRY, AusNet Services and Mondo™ Power held an information session and Yackandandah residents are invited to express their interest to be part of the program

See links below to view the AusNet offer and to download the printed proposal:

Expression of Interest to find out more
Use the form below to find out more about this offer and to express your interest:


This can be submitted in three ways:
  1. Dropping of at YCDCo;
  2. Scanning and sending to TRY:  [email protected];
  3. Scanning and sending to Mondo Power at: [email protected]

TRY Golden Yak Award

Congratulations to Jill and Richard Whitford on receiving their well deserved Golden Yak for their long support of solar and intention to continue investing in Solar in the future. TRY thanks you for your active support towards Yackandandah being 100% renewable by 2022. Enjoy your Yak!!

TRY Golden Yak Award

On behalf of John and Jenny Donnelly, neighbour Harvey Ballentine, receives a TRY Golden Yak, at the Star Hotel. The Donnelly’s were recognised for being solar champions who installed solar early on, have energy efficient lightbulbs and insulation. In addition they are helping the Football and Netball Club to  move towards sustainable energy.

Congratulations John and Jenny!