About Us

TRY was started in 2014 and since then a lot of sunshine has hit a lot of solar panels. Find out a little bit more about us here.


TRY conducts community engagements, analyses project outcomes and makes submissions to government enquiries. We’ve included a few of our more notable reports and submissions here, along with recent brochures and speeches.

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If you join our mailing list, you will receive a quarterly newsletter covering recent events and our main projects. Subscribers receive only the newsletter and the occasional email about important events. For those that don’t wish to subscribe you can check out the PDF or web versions of previous newsletters, or some of our articles in Yackity Yak.

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From the beginning TRY’s ethos has been to show what can be done, that a clean energy transition is entirely achievable. We have worked hard to speak to communities, organisations and media whenever the chance arises about the steps we’re taking and the milestones achieved.

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