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There are many ways to support TRY and take steps to build a renewable energy transition

Lend a Hand

TRY needs more active members

Lots of people in Yackandandah support TRY in many different ways. And there is lots to do with so many exciting projects rolling out. TRY needs people who can lend their skills and time.

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Golden Yak Award

A plaster Golden Yak mascot sitting on a fence

Nominate for a Golden Yak award

Fancy being recognised for moving towards 100% renewable energy? Your household or business could receive an iconic Golden Yak from TRY. It’s easy to get one! Just use the form below to nominate yourself or someone else for energy efforts and return it to TRY.

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A hand putting a $50 note into a donation box next to a golden yak mascot

Donate to make a difference

TRY uses all donations to plan and fund community initiatives that work towards the 100% goal AND reduce energy costs, improve reliability, increase resilience, and reduce emissions. We spread our knowledge as far as we can, giving talks, writing articles and contributing to policy and research initiatives. This journey is bigger than one small town!

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