Nominate for a Golden Yak award

Fancy being recognised for moving towards 100% renewable energy? Your household or business could receive an iconic Golden Yak from TRY. It’s easy to get one! Just use the form below to nominate yourself or someone else for energy efforts and return it to TRY.

TRY Yack

You need show us efforts in any two of the following:

  • Sustainable house design minimising energy use e.g. passive solar –
  • Switching to green power – for good general advice see 
  • Reducing energy use e.g. insulation, double glazing, shading windows, LED light bulbs – for help see 
  • Alternative heating e.g. solar hot water and heat pumps
  • Generating electricity sustainably e.g. solar, hydro, bio-energy, wind
  • Storing power e.g. batteries

How to nominate

Fill out and submit the form below or alternatively, fill out the TRY Yak Nomination Form and submit it, with a relevant photo, via email or post to:

TRY Yak Nomination Form


    Please attach a relevant photo – ideally an electronic copy.*