TRY needs more active members

Lots of people in Yackandandah support TRY in many different ways. And there is lots to do with so many exciting projects rolling out. TRY needs people who can lend their skills and time.

Does this mean you have to come to meetings? No!

Just contact us on our website or Facebook page – Totally Renewable Yackandandah – to let us know that you are happy to help when needed. TRY will contact you when we need people to do things like letter box drops, setting up information stalls, writing submissions for grants, taking photos, editing content, designing posters, organising fundraising events and so on.

You can also lend TRY a hand, and help to develop our Community energy by:

  • Talking to your friends and neighbours about TRY and encouraging them to lend a hand too. Perhaps you can organise a neighbourhood pot luck dinner or wine tasting to raise some money for TRY’s projects.
  • Supporting our fundraising events – look out for details in Yackity Yak and on our website. Bring along a friend.
  • Giving your Yackandandah Foodworks Community Points to TRY.
  • Making a donation

Any fundraising donation will be a gift that keeps on giving perpetually. All donations are used to plan and fund community initiatives that work towards the 100% goal AND reduce energy costs, improve reliability, increase resilience, and reduce emissions.

Please pass this on to your networks and ask them to join you in making a donation. A portion of an average tax return would go a long way towards a solar panel for our hospital.

Let’s act together to achieve a sustainable future for our community!