Working with the CFA

Photo of volunteers outside the CFA fire station
Volunteers outside the Yackandandah fire station. Image: Indigo Power

TRY is thrilled with the partnerships we have nurtured on our mission and a good example is our relationship with the CFA. It took a few years of discussions and planning but we worked with the CFA to add a solar system and battery to the Yack fire station with the final installation occurring in 2019. The outcome of that was not only local resilience and cost savings but has contributed to the CFA subsequently rolling out a program across the rest of Victoria.

Check out the 45 second video they made on the collaboration to celebrate Earth Day in April 2020.

The Yack CFA installation has been a fantastic outcome for our community since it’s installation and is shortly to be augmented with a second battery to provide for longer operations during power outages. Look out for an announcement in the near future!

Photo of the inverter hardware
The inverters and battery installed at the Yack fire station in 2019 – you can read a CFA article about it here

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