Community energy check-in!

Looking down the main street of small town on a cool autumn morning, with the sun peeking over the roof of the building on the left

As we embark on the final Stage 5 of our roadmap to 100% renewables, it’s time to check in with our community. We’re asking Yack area locals over 18 in postcodes 3691 and 3749 to fill out a survey – young people, home owners, renters, full-time workers/retired/unemployed and particularly those who may not have been involved with TRY in recent years – to help TRY understand what locals think about energy.

TRY has successfully delivered many projects to Yackandandah since 2014. We’ve undertaken hot water and solar bulk buys, the establishment of three local microgrids, a 200-property Virtual Power Plant, funding and installation of the Yack01 battery with Indigo Power, a feasibility study analysing community-scale microgrid options and a national profile that continues to grow. We’re currently at 60% renewables!

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We’ve set the all important foundations with installations on households and community buildings, microgrid research, a community battery and a community energy retailer. To get the last 40% requires a scaling up.

To do this we need to explore the Yackandandah community’s thoughts regarding the options to reach 100% renewable energy. What the community thinks matters! This will help TRY plan for the next few years.

To participate takes less than 10 minutes, but you must have a local address. To complete the survey, check out the post on the Yack Community Facebook page, look out for an email in your Inbox, or email us at [email protected] with your name and details and ask us to send the link.

For locals that participate there are spot prizes of $20 vouchers to spend at local businesses, such as the supermarket, Beechworth Bakery, Gumtree Pies, Scoop21, or a TRY t-shirt. The first prize was drawn yesterday – keep an eye on the Yack Community Facebook page for further announcements. And don’t forget to add your email at the end of the survey to be eligible for the prizes!

The survey is part of the final element of our 100% Feasibility Study project – look out for the focus group events and the all important results of the project being publicised soon!

A circular graphic saying 100% Renewables by 2022, with icons of wind, water and sun on the perimeter of circular arrow.

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