TRY yaks with Yack

Three masked people talking with a table between them which has a golden yak mascot on it
Kim and Clare had some great conversations about all sorts of stuff. Someone even gave them some flowers! Come down and have a chat with us – our last morning is Saturday 15th October.

If you have been rushing around town to get your weekend shopping completed before it started raining over the last few weeks, you may have run into the TRY Community Engagement stall outside the Yack supermarket. We have been there on a Saturday morning, to chat to locals about our 100% renewable energy target, and how they feel about it!

We have had so many great conversations with locals, and recently a few out-of-towners, about the future of this vibrant town. Many people generously offered their support and wanted to discuss their excitement about reductions in their power bill after installing solar panels and a heat pump, or contributing to the renewable revolution we hope to achieve in Yack. While others had great questions and feedback.

The most regular query we have received is how community members can get involved with the least expense and hassle – this is to sign up with Indigo Power! Indigo Power are an energy retailer and a separate entity, but with the same goal as TRY, to reach 100% renewables in our area. They are working to provide locals with renewable energy sourced as locally as possible, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and keep money spent on energy in our local area. We’re so excited that folks within Indi are able to participate in renewable energy no matter their walk of life or housing arrangement.

Another regular discussion was the environmental impacts of solar panels themselves. As with any innovative product, it takes a while to set up supporting systems, such as specialised recyclers. Often the initial focus is on delivery to the public and economic viability. However, up to 95% of a solar panel can be recycled. Currently, there is a cost to recycle your solar infrastructure with private companies, possibly paired with the hassle of dropping them off to a depot. We anticipate that in the future this will be a much more streamlined process, and with increasing numbers of panels needing to be recycled, a more economic proposition for recyclers. Another option is to recycle panels yourself by retrofitting them to your caravan for on-the-go solar!

We’ve loved getting out into the community these past few weeks, and appreciate all of your support and feedback. We were especially excited by one local’s tale of meeting someone who had heard of ‘that big battery’ – Yack01 – in Arnhem Land! Word is travelling far and wide about the town taking renewable energy into their own hands. Thank you Yack!

–– Clare Bishop

A small dog is touching its nose to a yellow plaster yak with another dog looking over the first dogs shoulder, with a stone building in the background
The Golden Yak made some friends last Saturday. Two curious canines came to check out the yak!

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