Check out TRY’s new Power to Change video

TRY has documented some of the inspiring motivations and actions for our 100% target. Check out the following two videos which show how far we’ve come in 5 years.

Part A: Helen and Denis tell their story. Image: TRY

Yackandandah is full of many little amazing stories of energy transition. What happens when a household (and a town) becomes conscious about  energy? Welcome to Part A of a renewable energy makeover with Helen and Denis… filmed in 2015 and goodness how time travels so mighty quick.

The Power to Change video – Part A: Beginning a home energy transformation

Part B-1: Helen and Denis monitor their household energy generation and use. Image: TRY

Four years later the town is well on the way with their ambitious renewable energy target. Catch up with Helen and Denis, and the village, on their calm and creative transition to clean local power and their desire to be part of a change for the world. Guest contributions from Rock Legend, Shane  Howard.

The Power to Change video – Part B

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