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Project postcards in front of a person signing in to the town hall meeting

Our 100% Feasibility Study is considering what it will take to get Yack to 100% renewables and the best mix of options to do so. It’s a big task, but it is also a big task to show the community what that all means.

So we’ve created some infographic postcards to explain some of the important concepts and decisions that need to be made. They will be put on display around Yack so people can look at them and give their thoughts on the paths we might take.

We want to find out what you like, what you don’t like, what worries you, and what excites you, and any other thoughts you might have. Send us an email with your thoughts on the project, or fill out a feedback card at one of the displays.

Each card is presented below as a slideshow, with a link for you to send us your comments (if the link doesn’t work, simply send your comments to [email protected]). The slideshows are best viewed on a computer or tablet, to avoid having to zoom in too much.

Click on the arrows at the side of the card, or the numbers below the card, to see the other side. Click ON the card to see an enlarged version.

1. Who are Totally Renewable Yackandandah?

Perhaps you know a bit about TRY, but here is a brief summary of what we have done, why, and how we intend to reach 100% renewable energy for our town.
Email your response to Postcard #1 here

  • A graphic and a fun fact about Yackandandah
  • A description of who TRY are, what they are doing and why and how they they are doing things

2. What is 100%?

What does 100% actually mean? How much energy does that mean we need to generate all the time, and are some targets easier than others?
Email your response to Postcard #2 here

  • A chart showing the difference between 100% net and 100% gross renewable energy
  • Notes about different definitions of 100%

3. Yack’s current energy imports from the grid

So how much energy does Yack currently need to import from the mains electricity grid (after local rooftop solar generation is taken into account)? What are the times of highest usage that reaching the 100% target will have to deal with?
Email your response to Postcard #3 here

  • A chart of the energy imported from the main electricity grid to Yack
  • Questions about how much energy Yack needs to import from the grid

4. What technologies can we use to reach 100%?

Which technologies suit our region, given its climate and landscape? And what characteristics of some of them can make reaching the target easier.
Email your response to Postcard #4 here

  • A chart showing when solar- and wind-energy generation typically occur during a day
  • A list of strategies to cover Yack's energy needs

5. What is pumped hydro energy storage?

Many people mistake pumped hydro as generating electricity like the Snowy hydroelectric scheme – it’s not. It’s a storage mechanism that involves moving water between storage reservoirs at different heights.
Email your response to Postcard #5 here

  • A diagram showing pumped hydro energy storage
  • A description of pumped hydro energy storage

Thanks for taking a look at our postcards. We’re really looking forward to hearing from you!

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