Resilience is the word

People wearing fire fighting gear checking out a backup generator
In May this year, TRY helped the Yackandandah CFA to install a backup generator that complements their solar system and two batteries. Three of the CFA volunteers, Ruth, Margrit and Yves, can be see here checking out the new equipment. The whole system provides resilience during power blackouts so they can continue serving the community.

Matt Charles-Jones recently spoke to Richelle Hunt and Jonathon Kendall from ABC Radio for The Conversation Hour, discussing microgrids, batteries and resilience. You can listen to the conversation via the link below.

The show was about the overall concept of building resilience, and small communities having the capacity for a backup supply for a period of time. They quizzed Matt about TRY’s 100% renewables goal, the buy-in of the community and the obstacles to achieving TRY’s goal.

How Victorian towns are creating their own energy systems, ABC Radio, The Conversation Hour, broadcast Tuesday 10 August 2021, 11:00 am, excerpt from 12:30 – 20:40 minutes.

And if you’re interested in a deeper conversation all about community energy and what TRY is working towards, listen to the Over the Fence podcast by Farmers for Climate Action from mid-2020. They interviewed Matt Charles-Jones and Matt Grogan, co-founders and both former Presidents of TRY, about community energy and how it can help build a stronger electricity grid.

A look at community-led energy with Totally Renewable Yackandandah, Over the Fence podcast, Farmers for Climate Action, episode 3.

Both of these conversations give a real insight into what we’re doing and the motivations and benefits that drive a clean energy transition.

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