Community-scale pumped hydro & battery storage

Great excitement today as TRY was successful with a grant application to the Regional and Remote Communities Reliability Fund, setting us up for determining the best community-scale generation and storage options to reach our 100% goal!

Two women and two men stand in front of some batteries and inverters holding a golden yak
Helen Haines MP came to Yackandandah today to celebrate our recent grant approval with TRY members, Matthew Charles-Jones, Kim McConchie and Donna Jones. Photo: TRY

We are thrilled to confirm TRY has received just under $350,000 to finalise the scaled generation and storage plans for a sprint toward 100% clean local power. Our project will be investigating the feasibility and best mix of 1-2 MWh of pumped hydro and 3-4 MWh of community-scale battery storage, to work alongside some scaled solar generation, to complement the town’s existing generation and storage capacity.

We are so pleased to be doing this with the massive support of Dr. Helen Haines, Independent Member for Indi. As part of the project we will be working with the good folks of Yackandandah, Mondo and Tamar Hydro Pty Ltd, identifying the best mix of technologies and ways of operating them that will serve Yackandandah’s needs.

Our project has been made possible through the federal government’s Regional and Remote Communities Reliability Fund through the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources. The fund supports studies that look at microgrid technologies to assist grid-challenged communities in regional and remote areas, with a view to supplying more reliable and cost effective energy solutions for those communities.

Onwards to 2022!

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