There are two fantastic ways that you can donate to TRY: either a tax deductible donation to the TRY Public Fund, or a project specific donation (not tax deductible) to the TRY General Fund.

Tax deductible donations

TRY is a registered charity and donations of $2 or more to the TRY Public Fund are tax deductible. Donate via bank transfer using the bank details below.

As per the regulatory requirements for tax deductibility, donations must remain publicly anonymous and cannot be directed towards specific projects – as indicated on the previous page, we use donations to work towards the 100% renewable energy goal via community initiatives that reduce energy costs, improve reliability, increase resilience, and reduce emissions.

Account Name: TRY Public Fund
BSB: 803070
Account Number: 100119872

Please add a reference with your last name and deposit purpose, e.g. “Smith, donation”.

We are obliged to issue a tax receipt for donations to the TRY Public Fund. Please email [email protected] with your full name and the subject Attention: Treasurer, or use the contact form on this website.

The TRY Public Fund is a public fund, listed on the Register of Environmental Organisations under item 6.1.1 of subsection 30-55(1) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

Project specific donations

You can donate directly to TRY Inc for a specific project. As per the regulatory requirements, these donations are not tax deductible. Our current projects are:

  1. Expansion of the community VPP (solar and batteries on public buildings)
  2. Energy efficiency activities and programs
  3. Large renewable energy storage & generation projects (such as community batteries like Yack02, solar generation or pumped hydro facilities)
  4. Town resilience initiatives, putting solar and batteries on essential services

You can specify one of the above projects or contact the TRY Committee via email to [email protected], or use the contact form, to discuss other options. Donate via bank transfer using the bank details below.

Account name: TRY Inc
BSB: 803070
Account Number: 100121191

Please add a reference with your last name and deposit purpose, e.g. “Smith, donation, project no”.

If you would like a donation receipt, please email [email protected] (or use the contact form on this website) with your full name, donation details and the subject Attention: Treasurer.

Thanks so much!